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What's Cooking? Vocabulary Exercise

Can you answer all the questions concerning cooking?

1. The cover for a pot is called a?
2. What do you do with a rolling pin?
3. What do you use a grater for?
4. Does a pot go on the top of the stove or in the oven?
5. A common expression is "pots and?"
6. What does a pot or ? have that a kettle does not have?
7. What two kettles look very different?
8. Cookies are baked on?
9. A shallow pan you use to bake a sheet cake is called?
10. Layer cakes are baked in the oven in?
11. A mixture of meat, noodles or rice, and sauce might be baked in the oven in?
12. You would cook a beef roast in the oven in a?
13. A good, heavy pan for fudge might be an?
14. Many modern cookware sets are coated on the inside, so they are called?
15. A pan you use to bake bread is called a?
16. You could cook fish on the stovetop in this pan. It is a?
17. Pancakes are cooked on a?
18. If you make a pie, you would bake it in a pan called a?
19. The container you make cake batter or cookie dough in is called a?
20. You might clean the cake batter out of the container with a?
21. When you take a hot pan out of the oven, you use what protection?

What's Cooking? Vocabulary Exercise Answer Sheet

1. A lid is a pot cover.
2. You roll out pastry or cookie dough with a rolling pin.
3. You use a grater to grate or shred vegetables or cheese.
4. A pot goes on the top of the stove.
5. Pots and pans are common cookware, usually used on top of the stove.
6. A pot or a pan may have one long handle, a kettle two short handles. Since the single handle on a pot or pan is usually not heat proof, and the knob on the pan lid may not be heat proof either, pots and pans are not used in the oven. However, note below that containers used to bake are called baking pans.
7. A soup kettle, a tall pot with two small handles and a lid, is used for soups and stews. A tea kettle is used to boil water. A tea kettle is different from other kettles. It has a spout on one side, for pouring, and a semi-circular handle on the other.
8. Cookies are baked on a cookie sheet, or on (see number 9, next). When you take the cookies off the sheet, you might cool them on cookie racks.
9. A jelly roll pan is a shallow oblong pan used to bake a sheet cake.
10. Cake pans are used to bake layer cakes.
11. That mixture is called a casserole, and is baked in a casserole dish, or glass casserole.
12. You would cook a beef roast in the oven in a roaster or roasting pan. It might have a lid. If it doesn't have a lid, it is called an open roaster.
13. An enamel pan is a good heavy pan for cooking fudge.
14. Modern cookware which is permanently coated is called non-stick.
15. A loaf pan, also called a bread pan, is used to bake loaves of bread, quick bread, or meatloaf.
16. A frying pan is used to fry foods, like fish or chops. It may not have a lid.
17. A griddle is a shallow pan with a lip around it used to cook pancakes. Sometimes it is called a pancake griddle.
18. A pie is baked in a pie plate or a pie pan.
19. A mixing bowl is the container you use to stir up cake batter, cookie dough, or many other mixtures.
20. A spatula or a scraper will get the mixing bowl clean.
21. To keep from getting burned, you use one or two pot holders or oven mitts.
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