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School Life Quiz

'Teacher', 'pencil', 'classroom' - all of these words are connected to school.
In this word quiz you'll see a sentence describing a word related to school.
Can you guess what the word is?

1. You use these to colour pictures.
2. You have to do this work after school.
3. This is a subject. You learn about different places in the world.
4. This is a subject. You'll learn about the natural world.
5. You are probably studying this language.
6. This rings at the beginning and the end of the lesson.
7. This is a subject. You learn about things that happened in the past.
8. You use this to cut paper.
9. You'll work with lots of numbers in this subject.
10. This is an important test.
11. You use this to rub out mistakes. It's alsi called a rubber.
12. This is where you go when it's break time.
13. You write in this.
14. This is where you must put your rubbish.
15. This tells you what lessons you have each day.
16. This is in the classroom. The teacher writes on it.
17. This is a subject. You learn to paint and draw.
18. You keep your pens and pencils in this.
19. You use this to measure things - to see how long they are.
20. You use this to stick paper together.

Quiz: School Life

1. crayons
2. homework
3. geography
4. science
5. English
6. bell
7. history
8. scissors
9. maths
10. exam
11. eraser
12. playground
13. notebook
14. bin
15. timetable
16. board
17. art
18. pencil-case
19. ruler
20. glue
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