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Quiz on Conjunctions

Are you strong in conjunctions? Try to use the suitable conjunction to fill in the gaps.
Note: more than one variant of conjunctions is possible in each sentence.

1. My son is not doing very well in school just now. _____, you've got to admit that he is doing his very best.
2. All the financial reports for SwissAir had predicted serious problems; _____ the management team remained excessively optimistic.
3. Many people told the administrators of SwissAir not to try to buy other airlines, _____ they wouldn't listen.
4. She may have given you bad marks: _____ she is your English teacher and she can't be all bad!
5. The mountain climbers were told not to cross the glacier without a guide: _____ they did, and fell into a crevasse.
6. My daughter is going ahead with her plans to get married _____ her father and I may think.
7. He will not be allowed to give up his studies, _____ hard he tries.
8. This year SwissAir has gone bankrupt, _____ in the future the authorities hope that CrossAir Plus will be a success.
9. Stefano Casiraghi absolutely refused to give up speedboat racing, _____ his wife begged him to.
10. I wanted to give him some money after he helped me with the car, _____ he absolutely refused to accept it.
11. I work as a teacher, so my salary is not very big, _____ my neighbour is a banker and earns at least five times as much as I do.
12. I always have both grapefruit juice and coffee with milk for breakfast, _____ my husband drinks only black tea.
13. They were happy with their marks after the test, _____ they expected them to be a bit higher.

Short-answer Quiz on Conjunctions

1. All the same, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, However, But, Still, Yet
2. nonetheless, yet, nevertheless, all the same, in spite of that, notwithstanding that, however, still
3. yet, but, however
4. still, nevertheless, nonetheless, however, yet, all the same
5. nevertheless, nonetheless, however, yet, still, all the same, in spite of this, in spite of that
6. whatever, no matter what
7. however
8. but, however, yet
9. even though, even if, although, though
10. however, yet, but
11. whereas, while, whilst, yet
12. while, whilst, whereas, however, yet, but
13. although, though, yet, but, however
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