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Possible Alternatives

Read the text and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.

Many students in Britain 1_____ to leave school at 18 and go straight to 2_____ to do their degrees 3_____ considering possible alternatives. Nowadays, things are different: 20% of students take a year 4_____ (the so-called 'gap year' between their 'A' level exams and their university studies). Some stay in Britain and 5_____ during that year, but about half want to go and work overseas. Other 6_____ choose a completely different route: they turn 7_____ university places in favour of finding permanent jobs. The advantage of this 8_____ that they can often study for professional qualifications on the company's time.

Possible Alternatives
1. used; 2. university; 3. without; 4. off; 5. work; 6. students; 7. down; 8. is
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