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Odd Man Out

In each group of four there is one incorrect sentence.
Can you find and correct it?

1. Present Simple
a) We play football every weekend.
b) Do you like fish?
c) I feel sick.
d) He works at home today.

2. Present Progressive
a) I am learning Arabic at the moment.
b) Is she sleeping?
c) Look! They're painting their house red.
d) I'm really liking this cake - it's delicious.

3. Past Simple
a) We played tennis on Friday.
b) Where did you go yesterday?
c) Did you like the film?
d) I knew him all my life until now.

4. Questions
a) Do you want some tea?
b) Is he here?
c) Who did break the window?
d) How often do you have classes?

5. Word order
a) It was a big green bird.
b) She speaks well English.
c) Are you feeling OK?
d) Who were you talking to?

6. Auxiliaries
a) I really do not agree with you.
b) Do you want to help me or not?
c) Does he is leaving today?
d) Will you finish this work for me?

Elementary Grammar - Odd Man Out

1) d - This is wrong because we need the Present Progressive to talk about an action now: He is working at home today.
2) d - This is wrong because we cannot use "like" in a progressive form: I really like this cake - it's delicious.
3) d - This is wrong because we cannot use the Past Simple to talk about something that continues: I have known him all my life until now.
4) c - This is wrong because we don't need "did" for a subject question: Who broke the window?
5) b - This is wrong because "well" is in the wrong place: She speaks English well.
6) c - This is wrong because we have two auxiliaries and we only need "is": Is he leaving today?
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