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Body Language

Look at these expressions. What do they mean?
Choose from the list of meanings on the right.

1 He's got no back-bone.
2 She's completely legless.
3 He's very thick-skinned.
4 She gave him the elbow.
5 He can't keep his nose out of things.
6 She's got a finger in every pie.
7 He's all mouth.
8 She's off her head.

a very drunk
b exaggerates or lies in order to impress
c doesn't care what other people think
d very cowardly
e ended a romantic relationship
f always interfering
g behaves in a mad way
h has an interest in many businnes

Body Language

1. d; 2. a; 3. c; 4. e; 5. f; 6. h; 7. b; 8. g
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