Jeer Joker: Английский юмор и ему сопутствующее

Russian chastooshkas in English

My advice to future bride:
Don't get married, silly!
Morning comes - your boobs aside,
Snatch is rumpled illy...

Down the river drifts an axe
From the town of Byron.
Let it float by itself -
Fucking piece of iron!

Starlet's fallen from the heavens
Right into my boyfriend's briefs.
I don't mind his roasted penis
If it helps us live in peace.

Fish in thick tomato sauce
Swims in happy comatose.
Only me, pathetic whimp,
Have no fucking place to swim.

Girls had fight at country hut
Over who's the hairest cunt.
Well, more hair of the most
Had the beaver of the host.

Have you seen four dicks together
Dancing on a mountain peak?
And one dick had fucked another
But with yet another dick.

I was sleeping with my honey
Absolutely naked,
I have took my panties off
Just to make a statement.

Nick is crossing village slowly
- outside it's cold and snowy.
But his dick is up and running
Just in case if something's coming.
I am dragging to the bushes
This would-soon-be-legend.
Kinda shy of fucking here
Queen of Beauty Pageant...

Nick is sitting at the door,
Neither dancing, singing nor,
He is sitting, deaf and dumb,
Thinking only "Whom to hump?"

Little Nick is very sad:
Doesn't want to ride moped,
Doesn't want to ride his horse
Wants to have an intercourse.

Train is speeding from Tambov
Tailgate lights are on and off,
Girls aboard would - what the heck!
Fuck their way through ticket check.

You were mine the other day,
Mike is screwing you today.
He's got cock as thick as trees
On the Shishkin's masterpiece...

Everything is going down
- not enough prosperity,
There are things to care about
- fucking has priority.

Time has shifted for an hour
- what a mess on globe!
Dick was hard before wake up,
Now it's up at work.

Girls have called me to the party
- I decided not to come,
It's because my сlothing ugly
And my dick is tiny one.

Нелепые происшествия, забавные казусы, ситуативные каламбуры и другие не очень унылые истории

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