Jeer Joker: Лимерики на английском и русском

Лимерики на английском и русском

There was an Old Man of the West,
Who wore a pale plum-coloured vest;
When they said: "Does it fit?"
He replied: "Not a bit!"
That uneasy Old Man of the West.

There was an Old Lady of Prague,
Whose language was horribly vague;
When they said: "Are there caps?"
She answered: "Perhaps!"
That oracular Lady of Prague.

There was an Old Man of Peru,
Who dreamt he was eating his shoe.
He awoke in the night
In a terrible fright
And found it was perfectly true!

There was an Old Owl lived in an oak.
The more he heard, the less he spoke.
The less he spoke, more he heard.
Follow the example of that wise old bird.

There was an Old Man of Pekin,
Who sat on the point of a pin,
He jumped up in pain,
Then sat down again.
That silly old man of Pekin.

Said a Booklover fellow from Siam:
"I frequently read Omar Khayyam.
His morals depress.
Butt nevertheless
He is almost as clever as I am".

There was an Old Man who said:
"How shall I flee from this horrible cow?
I shall sit on this stile,
And continue to smile,
Which may soften the heart of that cow".

An amoeba named Sam and his brother
Were having a drink with each other;
In the midst of their quaffing
They split their sides laughing.
And each of them now is a mother.

There was an old lady who said
When she found a thief under her bed:
"Get up from the floor;
You are too near the door,
And you may catch a cold in your head."

There once was a student named Bessor,
Whose knowledge grew lessor and lessor,
It at last grew so small
He knew nothing at all,
And today he’s a college professor.

There was a nice lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside,
And a smile on the face of the tiger.

There was a young person, whose history
Was always considered a mystery;
He sat in a ditch, no one knew which,
And composed a small treatise on history.

There was a Young Lady of Turkey
Who wept when the weather was murky;
When the day turned out fine,
She ceased to repine,
That capricious Young Lady of Turkey.

There was an old lady of Harrow,
Whose views were exceedingly narrow.
At the end of her paths
She built two bird baths
For the different sexes of sparrow.

There was an Old Person of Ewell,
Who chiefly subsisted on gruel;
But to make it more nice
He inserted some mice,
Which refreshed that Old Person of Ewell.

There was an Old Man of the South,
Who had an immederate mouth;
But in swallowing a dish,
That was quite full of fish,
He was choked, that Old Man of the South.

Лимерики на русском (подражание Агнии Барто)

Как-то в Дерри в предпраздничной давке
Молли бросила зайца на лавке.
С лавки слезть он не смог,
И под ливнем промок,
И кричал всем, что Молли мерзавка.

Наш племянник по имени Джонни
Обожает лохматого пони.
Расчесал ему гриву,
Напоил его пивом
И отправился в гости наш Джонни.

Как-то в Керри бычок выпил лишку.
На забор влез он, словно мальчишка,
И идет он, качается,
А забор уж кончается,
Упадет он: не надо пить слишком!

Наша Пегги безудержно плачет:
В речку Банн уронила свой мячик.
Тише, Пегги, не плачь!
Не утонет твой мяч:
По волнам океана он скачет.

Джон О'Нил чуть не умер от страха -
Из воды он вытаскивал рака.
Ну, а тот был не прост,
Быстро спрятал свой хвост
И за руку схватил бедолагу.

(c) Анна Мурадова

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