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The GB-Plate

Европейский союз, лого, ЕвросоюзAn Englishman had made a lot of money, and so he decided to buy a car. As he could not drive, he went to a driving school and took driving lessons.

While he was learning, he had a large 'L' on the back of his car to show that he was a learner.

After some time he took his driving test and passed it, and got his driving licence. He then threw his L-plate away.

As he still had some money left, he decided to spend his holidays abroad, and because every car that leaves England must have a GB-plate on it, he fixed a GB-plate to his car.

One day his little son was playing with a friend of his, when the friend asked:
"Why did your father have an 'L' on the back of his car, and why has he now got the letters 'GB'? What does it mean?"

The son replied: "Well, dont't you know? 'L' means 'learning', and 'GB' means 'getting better'."

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